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• 10/15/2018

macOS Mojave Added

I've now updated our pages for macOS 10.13 and 10.14 -- but the main page for Mojave is mostly copy from Apple. If someone would like to go through and rewrite it to be less marketing-speak and more facts and details, that'd be appreciated. It also needs images added, including the Mojave circle at the top (edit in source mode after uploading the image).

List of Mac OS versions
List of Mac OS versions Apple Wiki
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• 9/22/2017


This wiki needs a serious revamp
I know I'm not the bureaucrat but I'm really wishing for a revamp.
1. Logo revamp: The logo needs to look like a true logo made by Apple. Take the watch logo for example.
2. Article revamp: There are still a lot of missing pages, so I'd like to fix that.

Please do not be mad at me for acting bossy. If i sound bossy, please know that i am not trying to be bossy, all I want is for this wiki to thrive
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• 4/13/2017

Apple Watch Pages

There has been a lot of confusion ever since the Apple Watch Series 2 was released, so I'm deleting all the pages and recreating them now that I understand the different models
Full list of pages
Apple Watch (Original)
Apple Watch Series 1 (The page for the series 1, not the actual watch in that category)
Apple Watch Series 2 ("")
Apple Watch (The Model)
Apple Watch Sport
Apple Watch Edition
Apple Watch Hermes
Apple Watch Nike+
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• 12/12/2016

Policy Changes

With help from some admins we have finally made a policy! 
It is as follows, 

Here is the first draft of the policy:
This is a list of rules that all Apple Wiki users must follow.
Note: Some adopted from Encyclopedia SpongeBobia.
Contents[show]Social Rules/ User Policies
1. Do not attack other users personally. This includes but is not limited to: threatening the wiki and/or user(s), name calling (including, but not limited to idiot, jerk, stupid, retard, etc.), and derogatory statements.
2. Do not discriminate other users based on their religion, political affiliation, sexual preference, or anything else. It is strongly recommended that users do not discuss these things as these may cause distress.
3. Swearing is allowed as long as it is not directed at another user. 
b. Any use of profanity directly toward other users will result in a consequence.
4. Do not correct other people's use of spelling and/or' grammar on discussion pages, message walls, or the forums unless it is in regards to spelling and/or grammar use in an article.
5. Vandalism is NEVER allowed on the Apple Wiki, this includes things as removing all the content off of a page, spamming, inserting irrelevant information, etc.
6. off-site links are for citation purposes only, and are not to be used for SEO or product promotion purposes. Such content will be removed and the submitting account banned.
 This is a wiki that  strives to provide complete, accurate, and quality information.
 Do not use the words "We, I, you, etc." This creates confusion between users and the articles. Refer to everything in the third person.
Never speculate anything. If it is proven add a citation. 
Do not create irrelevant information, this wiki is about Apple and it's products ONLY.
A person, place, or thing is relevant to Apple and it's products if it has appeared in shorts, films, games, merchandise, and things like that.
People, places, or things that are relevant but not sufficiently relevant enough for their own articles may be included in a list or some other related article.
Linking to non-existent articles about people, places, or things that aren't relevant will be treated the same way.
Definitive content includes all content that is defined as having relevance to merit their own articles. This includes, but is not limited to:
 All books that are considered merchandise.
All members of the cast and crew that have built and/or have provided announced the respective product.
 All Software (iOS, MacOS, OS X, etc...) and Hardware (iPhone's iPad's Macbook's, iMac's etc...)
 Common objects with a sufficient amount of information (i.e. Airport, Time Capsule, etc...)
 Definitive content which is not relevant to have their own articles includes but is not limited to:
Some very minor products with little information, such as only a single line or two.
Certain objects, especially those with little information, such as only a single line or two.
Fanon is never allowed on the Apple Wiki.
Blocking Policy:
Disciplinary Board
Minor actions are things like:
First offense on User Violations
Not following the manual of style, (Vandalization is not acceptable.)
Fanon Topics (First offense)
First Offense users
Major actions are things like:
Third Offenses
Discriminatory language toward a user
Guidelines on Blocking
Minor offense guidelines:

 Ban for 2 hours to 3 days
Ban for up to two (2) weeks
Ban for up to (1) one year
Indefinite ban
Major ban guidelines:
Ban for up to 6 months
Ban indefinite 
If you have any suggestions to be added!
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• 11/1/2016

The wiki is not closed

I'm sure many of you may have seen on our homepage that this wiki was archived and to go to a link where we have moved. That is not true at all, a user decided that they could move the wiki wherever they wanted and did that. The link has been removed from the wiki and this is not closed. Please continue to edit.
Have fun
(On behalf of the admins)
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• 7/15/2016

The category challenge

Hello guys, and we need to help this 11 year old Apple wikia look good as new!
We need to do a challenge on categories! The goal is to make sure all iPhone articles go to the iPhone models if they're iPhone models, and a lot of more unorganized pages or add more pages to the categories with less pages!
We need to reach at least of number of unorganized pages:
Let's go!
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• 5/15/2014

New Vice Chairman

Hey community! I would like to introduce myself. My name is AwesomeOrange89, and I am delighted to be serving as your current Vice Chairman. In this role I will be assisting community members and the current Chairman UiPE. Another one of my duties it to head the council (which will be created very soon) as well as the Administrative team. I appoint Chat Mods and will serve as Chairman if UiPE is not here. In 2 days a page will come up offering Chat Mod positions and applications, check that out. We will also sooner or later have a council page offering the election rules and guidelines. I am still learning the ropes around here but will be glad to help. Hope to meet you soon!
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