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The 30-pin dock connector is a proprietary connection interface originally designed and developed by Apple Computer. It was common to older generation Apple mobile devices (original iPhone, iPod nano, iPod touch, etc.) and was discontinued on September 12, 2012 with the introduction of the Lightning connector in the iPhone 5.


An Apple 30-pin to USB Cable.

The 30-pin dock connector was introduced with the 3rd-generation iPod in April 2003 and was adopted by most of Apple's mobile devices, with the exception of the iPod shuffle series. Originally, the 30-pin dock connector supported FireWire, then USB, some control signals and line-level audio outputs. As iPod devices evolved, so did the dock connector, such as the addition of video signals. As FireWire was phased out of the iPods in favor of USB, there was discontinuity in signals supported by subsequent dock connector cables.

The popularity of Apple's iPod and iPhone devices led to the creation of a cottage industry of 3rd-party devices that supported the 30-pin interface. However, it was phased out and replaced by the more compact Lightning (connector), which was introduced in September 2012 by Apple Inc.

Supported devices

Pin connectors

Pin Signal Description
1 GND Ground (-), internally connected with Pin 2 on iPod motherboard
2 GND Audio and Video ground (-), internally connected with Pin 2 on iPod motherboard
3 Right Line Out - R (+) (Audio output, right channel)
4 Left Line Out - L (+) (Audio output, left channel)
5 Right In Line In - R (+)
6 Left In Line In - L (+)
7 ? ?
8 Video Out Composite video output (only when the slideshow mode is active on iPod Photo)
9 S-Video Chrominance output for iPod Color, Photo only
10 S-Video Luminance output for iPod Color, Photo only
11 GND Serial GND
12 Tx iPod sending line, serial TxD
13 Rx iPod receiving line, serial RxD
14 n/a not used
15 GND Ground (-), internally connected with pin 16 on iPod motherboard
16 GND USB GND (-), internally connected with pin 15 on iPod motherboard
17 n/a not used
18 3.3V 3.3V Power (+)
19 +12V Firewire Power 12VDC (+)
20 +12V Firewire Power 12VDC (+)
21 Accessory Indicator / Serial enable Different resistances indicate accessory type
22 TPA (-) FireWire TPA (-)
23 5 VDC (+) USB Power 5 VDC (+)
24 TPA (+) FireWire TPA (+)
25 Data (-) USB Data (-)
26 TPB (-) FireWire Data TPB (-)
27 Data (+) USB Data (+)
28 TPB (+) FireWire Data TPB (+)
29 GND FireWire Ground (-)
30 GND FireWire Ground (-)

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