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The AirTag is a location tracking device that was announced by Apple on April 20, 2021.[1]


AirTags utilize Bluetooth and can be located through the Find My app. iPhone 11 and later models with the Apple U1 chip can locate them more quickly with Precision Finding. AirTags can also be set to play a sound. It is powered by a standard user-replaceable CR2032 battery which is expected to last at least a year.[2]

Lost AirTags can be discovered wirelessly by other Android and iPhone users, but owner information is kept private, with the exception of the lost message pre-set by the owner.[3]


AirTags went on pre-order on April 23, 2021 and began shipping on April 30. They are available individually or in packs of four with the option of personalization with emoji or text characters at no extra charge.[2]


Regulatory testing of AirTags for the Federal Communications Commission commenced in 2019 and code began appearing in iOS 13 in June of that year.[4] Official testing reports were issued in September and October 2020.[5]

Anti-stalking features[]

On February 10, 2022, Apple announced revisions to its Find My software to discourage misuse of AirTags for stalking purposes.[6] As AirTag owners are identified by their Apple ID, the safety features allowed Apple to cooperate with law enforcement, leading to the arrest of a man who had been misusing an AirTag in violation of a protection-from-abuse order in Pennsylvania.[7]



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