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Anapod Explorer (later Anapop Explorer) was a software suite developed for Windows by Red Chair Software as an alternative to iTunes from Apple.


Anapod Explorer's interface resembled Windows Explorer interface and allowed files to be added to iPods through an intuitive drag-and-drop method. A tool named Xstreamer allowed viewing and streaming of the contents to other web browsers.[1]

It was able to support MP3, WMA, and OGG-Vorbis file formats while modifying bitrates and file formats during transfer to the iPod. It also boasted superior management and reporting tools, with the ability to generate text, HTML, XML, and spreadsheet reports (openable by Excel). It is also capable of retrieving files from the iPod to a PC through a more intuitive manner of browsing song and album names instead of the confusing filenames used by the iPod.[2]

Development and release[]

Anapod Explorer was first released in 2003 for the iPod, having evolved from Notmad Explorer for Creative Labs' NOMAD line of music players.[3]

Anapod Explorer supported Windows 98SE, ME, 2000, XP, and Vista, running up to iTunes 7.[4] It was marketed as trialware (or try-and-buy-ware) with price varying by supported model: $20 for the iPod shuffle, $25 for one of the other models, or $30 for a universal version that supported all models.[1] A pair of file management utilities, CopyGear and PhotoSync, were later included. The suite was renamed to Anapop Explorer in 2010 without any feature changes, before the company's website eventually went offline.[5]

Supported models[]

As of version 9.0.6, the last known release, the following iPod models were supported:[4]


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  • CopyGear, available for Mac OS X and Windows.

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