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Bowers' badge appears right above the center of this unused print ad.

Ann Schmeltz Bowers (born November 1937) was the first vice president of human resources at Apple Computer.


Bowers received a B.A. in english and psychology from Cornell University in 1959.[1] She has an honorary Ph.D. from the University of Santa Clara.


Bowers worked at Intel from January 1970 to 1976, where she became the first Director of Personnel.[1] She married Intel co-founder and integrated circuit co-inventor Robert Noyce on November 27, 1974.[2]

Apple Computer[]

Bowers joined Apple Computer in February 1980 as employee #1111.[3] When Apple co-founder Steve Jobs was looking for a mentor, Bowers introduced him to her husband.[4]

After Apple[]

After her husband died in 1990, Bowers became the founding trustee of the Noyce Foundation and has since retired.[1][5]


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