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Apple-1 Cassette Interface

The Apple-1 Cassette Interface (ACI) is one of the first peripheral products to be released by the Apple Computer Company. Priced at US$75 in 1976, the card could be added to the Apple-1 computer's expansion slot to allow it to use cassette tape media for data storage.


Steve Wozniak designed the Apple-1 board with an expansion slot so that he could work on a data storage solution after the computer itself was completed. Cassette media was selected due to its low price and wide availability.[1]


Apple recommended Panasonic or other premium tape recorders at or above $40 for reliable data storage. The Panasonic model that was available at the time was the RQ-309DS. Data was recorded through modulation (like a modem) at the rate of 1200 baud. Reliability was found to be improved by replacing the 10nF capacitor on the board with a 100nF version.[2]

The card was no longer needed when the Apple II was introduced in 1977 with its own built-in cassette interface.[3]


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