AppleWorks 6.2.9 for Mac OS X

AppleWorks was an office suite of software applications sold by Apple Inc. Versions of AppleWorks exist that are compatible with Mac OS X, Mac OS 9, and Microsoft Windows. It started out as ClarisWorks, published by the Apple software division, Claris. It combined a word processor, a drawing program, a painting program, a spreadsheet, and a terminal program for communications. All the components were integrated to provide a seamless suite that worked in concert; for example, spreadsheets could be embedded in a word processing document, or formatted text into drawings, etc. With version 3.0, the Assistants feature was introduced -- comparable to the Wizards of Microsoft Office. To this day, some Assistants remain in service, even in the Mac OS X version.

When the Claris company was disbanded and reabsorbed into Apple, the suite was renamed AppleWorks. (In fact, version 5 of the software was first called ClarisWorks; following the reabsorption, it was renamed AppleWorks.) The most recent version no longer contains the communications feature and adds a presentation features. It has also been Carbonised to work on Mac OS X. AppleWorks 6.2.9 was the last version released.

Apple built a successor to AppleWorks, known as iWork. iWork '05 was released in January 2005 at Macworld Expo. It included Pages 1 (a word processor/layout program) and Keynote 2 (a presentation program). Future versions of iWork may include other programs replacing all the functionality offered by AppleWorks. For example, a spreadsheet program, graphics program and database.

AppleWorks is no longer available for purchase.

AppleWorks 5

AppleWorks 5.0.4 is the last update. Read Apple's Support document titled AppleWorks 5.0.4 Document and Software for more information and to download the updater.

AppleWorks 6

The lastest versions of AppleWorks are:

  • AppleWorks 6.2.9 for Mac OS X.
  • AppleWorks 6.2.8 for Mac OS 8.1 - 9.2.2.
  • AppleWorks 6.2.2 for Microsoft Windows.

Update your copy of AppleWorks 6 to the latest version by downloading an updater:

AppleWorks and Mac OS X

AppleWorks 6 was carbonised to operate natively in Mac OS X. However, two features were removed during this process: Macros; and Publish & Subscribe. An alternative to macros is to write an AppleScript to automate an action. There is no alternative or workaround for the Publish & Subscribe feature.

AppleWorks versions 5 and 6 will operate in the Classic environment of Mac OS X. For version 6, this enables the Macros and Publish & Subscribe features missing from the Mac OS X environment.

When AppleWorks is operating in Classic the range of fonts and printing is limited. That is, AppleWorks can only use those fonts compatible with Classic and located in the Macintosh HD/System Folder/Fonts folder. AppleWorks operating in Classic can only print if a Mac OS 9 compatible driver has been installed into Classic and enabled with the Chooser program.

AppleWorks Miscellaney

  • AppleWorks was, and still is, an international programme, with different versions in different languages available.
  • Communities of AppleWorks users are linked with resources by Apple online, and by the AppleWorks User Group.
  • AppleWorks was originally the name of a similar office suite program available for the Apple II series of computers. (See AppleWorks IIGS).


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