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Store logo from 2000 to 2008.

The Apple Company Store, also known as The Company Store and now known as Apple Infinite Loop, is Apple's retail location at the 1 Infinite Loop campus. It predates the 2001 founding the of the Apple retail store chain and is the only part of the campus that is open to visitors.


The Company Store was located just to the right of the main entrance of the former Apple headquarters. It was opened on March 13, 1993, soon after completion of construction of the campus. It originally sold only Apple-branded merchandise, collectibles, and related accessories. Apple employees could get a discount on items sold inside the store.[1]

Apple soon began marketing its Macintosh Performa consumer line and Newton mobile products at the Company Store.[2][3]

Final logo before conversion to a standard retail store.

By May 2000, the Company Store was drastically redesigned to reflect the aesthetic tastes of Apple CEO Steve Jobs. In 2015, it was renovated to present a full retail experience and now also sells the Mac and iOS product lines.[4] In 2017, its role in providing tourists with unique Apple merchandise was assumed by the nearby Apple Park Visitor Center.[5]


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