An Apple Fellow is a person who has been recognized by Apple Inc. for their extraordinary technical or leadership contributions to personal computing while at the company. Each Apple Fellow acts as a leader and a visionary, guiding the company in their particular area of expertise. Fellows are also awarded stock options in the company.[1]

List of Apple Fellows

The Apple Fellowship has been awarded to select few individuals, including:

  Name Date   Note
  Al Alcorn 1986   Development of digital video compression.[2]
  Bill Atkinson 1983   Software development of the Lisa and Macintosh 128K.[1]
  Steve Capps 1994   Development of the Finder, ResEdit, and Newton OS.[3]
  Rod Holt 2   Development of the Apple II power supply.[1]
  Guy Kawasaki 1995   Macintosh evangelism.[4][5]
  Alan Kay 1984   Development of object-oriented programming.[4][6]
  Don Norman 1993   User experience architect.[4][7]
  Rich Page 1983   Hardware development of the Lisa and Macintosh 128K.[1]
  Phil Schiller 2020   Product marketing.[8]
  Gursharan Sidhu 1993   Software development of AppleShare, LaserWriter, and AOCE.[9]
  Gary Starkweather 1988   Development of ColorSync and color management technology.[7][10]
  Steve Wozniak 1   Logic board design of the Apple I and II.[1]


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