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The Apple III plus, stylized as apple /// plus, was a revised version of the Apple III that was released by Apple Computer in December 1983. The previous base price of $4,340 (of the Apple III) was slashed to $2,995.[1] The new keyboard was similar to the Apple IIe.


Updates in the Apple III Plus included a digital clock, video interlacing, rear port connectors, and 256KB RAM.[1] The re-designed keyboard was similar to the Apple IIe. The SOS operating system was updated to version 1.3.[2]



Owners of the original Apple III could get the new logic board as a replacement. A keyboard kit was also made, which included the updated keyboard, cover, keyboard encoder ROM, and logo replacements.

Reception and discontinuation[]

Although the Apple III plus helped boost the installed base to 120,000 units, the damage to its reputation had already been done. The Apple III product line was discontinued in September 1985 after losses reached $60 million.[1]


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