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The Apple MPEG Media System was produced by Apple Computer to provide some 68040-based Macintosh models with the ability to play back MPEG-1 video in real time before the introduction of PowerPC processors.[1]


The Apple MPEG Media System card fits the PDS slot of the Quadra 630 series (as well as the Performa 580) and needs to be connected with a video input card (revision A or B) from the Apple TV/Video System with a 34-pin DVA connector.[2] Newer video input cards (revision D) with a wider 60-pin DAV connector require an adapter cable (944-3220).[3]

The MPEG card uses the same C-Cube CL450-P160 decoder as the Apple Interactive Television Box and can play back MPEG-1 video with 16-bit audio at 30 frames-per-second from formats such as Video CD and CD-i.[1]

Though the card is compatible with newer models bearing the same PDS slot (such as the Power Macintosh 5200 LC and 6200), it was rendered obsolete with the release of QuickTime MPEG Extension, which allows software playback of MPEG-1 video on Power Macintosh computers with PowerPC processors.[4][5]


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