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The Apple Pencil is a series of wireless digital styluses designed, marketed, and distributed by Apple. It was originally released in 2015 for the iPad Pro and is now supported by every current model of the iPad lineup. It is pressure sensitive and can be used to draw and write on iPad models with ease. As of iPadOS 14, the Scribble feature adds handwriting recognition to writing with an Apple Pencil.


1st generation[]


The first Apple Pencil was unveiled at a 2015 event.

The 1st-generation Apple Pencil was announced along with the 1st-generation iPad Pro at an Apple special event on September 9, 2015 and released on the following November 11th. It has a round cross section with a smooth finish. It is paired and charged through the Lightning connector, which can be exposed by pulling the cap off the opposite end from the tip.[1][2] In October 2022, Apple began including a USB-C to Lightning adapter with 1st-generation Apple Pencils to allow it to be paired and charged from the USB-C port of the 10-generation iPad.[3] Once a 1st-generation Apple Pencil has been paired, it can be charged though various devices that support the Lightning connector, such as many iPhone models.[4]

2nd generation[]

The 2nd-generation Apple Pencil was announced at an Apple special event on October 30, 2018 and released on the following November 7th. It has a flattened side that can attach magnetically to, be paired with, and be wirelessly charged by, recent iPad models with flat sides (3rd-generation iPad Pro, 4th-generation iPad Air, 6th-generation iPad mini, or later).[5]


On October 17, 2023, Apple announced a new entry-level Pencil model, compatible with iPad models using USB-C connectors. This variant lacks pressure sensitivity and the tap-sensitive zones of the second-generation Pencil, but still supports hover detection on supported iPad models. It is charged via a USB-C port concealed by sliding up its cap.[6][7]


The first generation Apple Pencil costs US$99, the second generation costs US$129, and the USB-C model costs US$79. Replacement Apple Pencil Tips are available in 4-packs for US$19.


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