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The Apple Pro Speakers were introduced in January 2001 by Apple Computer for the "Digital Audio" Power Mac G4. They resemble the USB speakers for the Power Mac G4 Cube, which was released in 2000. However, the Pro Speakers were connected through a custom Apple Pro Speaker port, which consisted of a backwards compatible headphone jack surrounded by a metal ring which provided amplification power to the speakers.[1]


Featuring audio technology from Harman Kardon, these were considered the best quality speakers from Apple at the time.[2]

Supported models[]

The speakers were bundled with the iMac G4, which was introduced in 2002. They are also supported by "Quicksilver" and "Mirror Drive Doors" Power Mac G4 models,[1] but are not supported by the Power Mac G5 and later models.[3] Compatibility is controlled by a ROM chip located within the Y-splitter.[4]

Usage with other devices[]

In 2003, Griffin Technology released a pair of adapters for the speakers, which allowed them to work with the headphone jack of other Mac models. The iFire supplied amplification power from the FireWire port and cost US$39.95.[5] The PowerWave, which cost US$99.95, supplied amplification power from the USB port and could also control volume, input gain, bass, and treble control through downloadable software.[6]


The black rubber used in early Pro Speakers (and G4 Cube speakers) are prone to microbial degradation, causing them to eventually fall apart. These can be replaced with the light gray synthetic rubber parts used in latter models.[7]


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