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The Apple Remote is a simple handheld device from Apple that can be used to control media playback on Front Row, iPod Hi-Fi, Apple Universal Dock, iPod AV Connection Kit, and the Apple TV.[1]


1st generation (white)[]

The first version had 6 buttons on a small white plastic enclosure that resembled the 1st-generation iPod shuffle. It was bundled with the 1st generation Apple TV, 2007 Apple Universal Dock, and Macintosh computers that shipped with Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger), such as the iMac G5. It was also available separately for US$29. It communicated with supported computers or devices through an infrared transmitter.[2]

2nd generation (aluminum)[]

An updated aluminum version was bundled with the 2nd generation Apple TV and the 2010 Apple Universal Dock. It is available separately for US$10 less than the original version and is also compatible with Front Row. It adds one more button, separating the central select button from the play/pause button. However, the small 2nd generation remotes are prone to getting lost.[3]


The Apple Remotes were succeeded by the Apple TV Remote and Siri Remote, which use Bluetooth. The older models still work over infrared on all Apple TV models. However, current Macs no longer have infrared sensors. A third party remote from Salt Mobile of Switzerland can be set up to control Apple TVs, but models with Bluetooth need to be unpaired from any other remotes first.[4][5]

Some users prefer the physical direction buttons of the aluminum remote over the glass surfaces of the Apple TV Remote or Siri Remote, which are more prone to breakage.[6] The Apple TV Remote feature can also be enabled in Control Center to allow an iOS or iPadOS device to function as a Bluetooth-based remote for smart TVs that support AirPlay 2, as well as the 3rd generation Apple TV or later.[7]


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