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Apple TV Software (ATVS) was a series of operating systems developed by Apple for their early Apple TV consoles. On October 29, 2015, it was superseded by tvOS.


Version 1[]

Apple TV Software 1.0 was released on March 21, 2007 with the 1st-generation Apple TV, which ran on a Pentium M processor. The software was based on Mac OS X 10.4.7 "Tiger" and used Front Row as its user interface.[1] A computer running a supported version of iTunes was required to sync content to the device.[2] Version 1.1 was released on June 20, 2007, adding support for YouTube video playback.[3]

Version 2[]

Apple TV Software 2.0 was released on January 15, 2008. Once installed, it allowed the 1st generation device to receive downloads directly, effectively untethering it from a computer.[4][5] Version 2.0.1 was released on March 28 and added support for browsing movies by genre.[6] A 2.0.2 update that improved network reliability was released on April 14.[7] Version 2.1 was released on July 9, 2008 and allowed supported iPhone and iPod touch models to be used as remote control devices through a Remote app. It also added support for MobileMe.[8] Version 2.2 was released on October 2 and allowed purchases and downloading of HD television shows from the iTunes Store.[9] Version 2.3 was released on November 19, 2008 and added the ability to stream music over AirTunes to AirPort Express-connected speaker and learning of 3rd-party remotes.[10] Version 2.3.1 was released on February 25, 2009 and added a network test function and disabled 3rd-party hacks such as Boxee.[11] Version 2.4 was released on June 24, 2009 and added support for touch gestures from the updated Remote app for iOS devices.[12]

Version 3[]

Apple TV Software 3.0 was released on October 29, 2009. It updated the user interface, added support for Genius Mixes, and allowed tagging of internet radio stations for later listening.[13] A issue with disappearing content was addressed in an update to version 3.0.1 on November 7, 2009.[14] Version 3.0.2 was released on February 11, 2010 and was the final update based on Mac OS X that supported the 1st-generation Apple TV.[15]

Version 4[]

Apple TV Software 4.0 was released on September 1, 2010 with the 2nd-generation Apple TV. It was the first version to be based on iOS, specifically iOS 4.1.

Version 5[]

Apple TV Software 5.0 was released in March 7, 2012 with the 3rd-generation Apple TV. Based on iOS 5.1, it featured a new user interface.[16] Version 5.2 was released on January 28, 2013 with the 3rd-generation Apple TV, revision A.

Version 6[]

Apple TV Software 6.2.1, based on iOS 7.1.2, was released on September 17, 2014 and was the last update to support the 2nd-generation Apple TV.

Version 7[]

Apple TV Software 7.0, released on September 17, 2014, was based on iOS 8.0, adopting its "flat" user interface. It added peer-to-peer AirPlay support to the 3rd-generation Apple TV, revision A (model A1469).[17] Version 7.3, based on iOS 8.4.2, was released on May 13, 2019 and added an Apple TV app with support for Apple TV+ services.[18] Version 7.6.2, based on iOS 8.4.4, was released on December 14, 2020 and addressed issues with the playback of YouTube videos.[19] However, YouTube ended support for older Apple TV consoles predating the Apple TV HD in March 2021, requiring AirPlay streaming from another device to view YouTube videos.[20] Version 7.9, also based on iOS 8.4.4, was released on March 14, 2022 and is the last known security update for both revisions of the 3rd-generation Apple TV without any new published feature updates.[21]


NOTE: There is no Apple TV Software 8.0 or tvOS 8.

Though still derived from iOS, the software was formally rebranded as tvOS in 2015, starting with tvOS 9 (based on iOS 9) for the 4th-generation Apple TV HD.[22] However, support for Apple TV Software 7.x (retroactively referred to as tvOS 7) for 3rd-generation Apple TV consoles has continued with updates being released through 2022.[17][21]

Release history[]

Version Based on Build Released Notes
ATVS 1.0 Mac OS X
8N5107 2007-03-21 Initial release for 1st-generation Apple TV.
ATVS 1.1 8N5248 2007-07-20 Bug fixes. Added YouTube video player.
ATVS 2.0 8N5274 2008-01-15 Support for direct downloads removes need for computer syncing.
ATVS 2.0.1 8N5387 2008-03-28 Added support for browsing movies by genre.
ATVS 2.0.2 8N5428 2008-04-14 Bug fixes and improved network reliability.
ATVS 2.1 8N5485 2008-07-09 Support for MobileMe and control by Remote app from iOS devices.
ATVS 2.2 8N5499 2008-10-02 Added Genius support and purchasing of HD television shows.
ATVS 2.3 8N5573 2008-11-19 Music streaming over AirTunes and learning of 3rd-party remotes.
ATVS 2.3.1 8N5587 2009-02-25 Added network test feature and blocked 3rd-party hacks like Boxee.
ATVS 2.4 8N5660 2009-06-24 Support for touch gestures from Remote app for iOS devices.
ATVS 3.0 8N5789 2009-10-29 New main menu, Genius Mixes, and internet radio station tagging.
ATVS 3.0.1 8N6004 2009-11-07 Bug fixes.
ATVS 3.0.2 8N6013 2010-02-11 Bug fixes. Final release for 1st-gen Apple TV.
ATVS 4.0 iOS 4.1 8M89 2010-09-01 Initial release for 2nd-generation Apple TV.
ATVS 4.1 iOS 4.2 8C150 2010-11-22 Added support for AirPlay and VoiceOver in menus.
ATVS 4.1.1 iOS 4.2.1 8C154 2010-12-14 Bug fixes.
ATVS 4.2 iOS 4.3 8F191m 2011-03-09 AirPlay video support for 3rd-party apps on iOS devices.
ATVS 4.2.1 8F202 2011-03-22 Bug fixes.
ATVS 4.2.2 8F305 2011-05-11 Bug fixes.
ATVS 4.3 8F455 2011-08-01 Support for Vimeo and streaming of iTunes purchases.
ATVS 4.4 iOS 5.0 9A334v 2011-10-12 AirPlay mirroring for iPad 2 and iPhone 4S.
ATVS 4.4.1 9A335a 2011-10-17 Bug fixes.
ATVS 4.4.2 9A336a 2011-10-24 Bug fixes, stability, and performance.
ATVS 4.4.3 iOS 5.0.1 9A405l 2011-11-17 Support for Netflix in Mexico.
ATVS 4.4.4 9A406a 2011-12-15 Stability and performance.
ATVS 5.0 iOS 5.1 9B179b 2012-03-07 Initial release for 3rd-generation Apple TV.
ATVS 5.0.1 iOS 5.1.1 9B206f 2012-05-10 Bug fixes. HD support for video previews from the iTunes Store.
ATVS 5.0.2 9B830 2012-06-05 Bug fixes.
ATVS 5.1 iOS 6.0 10A406E 2012-09-24 Support for multiple iTunes accounts, shared Photo streams,
AirPlay-enabled speakers, and SDH subtitles for hearing-impaired.
ATVS 5.1.1 iOS 6.0.1 10A831 2012-11-29 Added support for Up Next.
ATVS 5.2 iOS 6.1 10B144b 2013-01-28 Initial release for 3rd-generation Apple TV, revision A.
ATVS 5.2.1 iOS 6.1.3 10B329a 2013-03-19 Updated Hulu Plus app with support for closed captioning.
ATVS 5.3 iOS 6.1.4 10B809 2013-06-19 Added support for Crunchyroll, ESPN, HBO GO, Qello, and Sky News.
ATVS 6.0 iOS 7.0.1
iOS 7.0.2
2013-09-23 Direct iTunes Music Store purchases and playback; viewing shared
iCloud photo streams and videos; automatic software updates.
ATVS 6.0.1 iOS 7.0.3 11B511d 2013-10-25 Stability and performance.
ATVS 6.0.2 iOS 7.0.4
iOS 7.0.6
2013-11-14 Stability and performance.
Security update.
ATVS 6.1 iOS 7.1 11D169b 2014-03-10 Easier channel hiding. AirPlay can discover Apple TV over Bluetooth.
ATVS 6.1.1 iOS 7.1.1 11D201c 2014-04-22 Stability and performance.
ATVS 6.2 iOS 7.1.2 11D257c 2014-06-30 Support for iTunes Extras.
ATVS 6.2.1 11D258 2014-09-17 Stability and performance. Final release for 2nd-gen Apple TV.
ATVS 7.0 iOS 8.0 12A365b 2014-09-17 Added Family Sharing and "flat" user interface like iOS 8.
Peer-to-peer AirPlay on 3rd-gen Apple TV, revision A.
ATVS 7.0.1 iOS 8.1 12B410a 2014-10-20 Bug fixes, stability, and performance.
ATVS 7.0.2 iOS 8.1.1 12B440 2014-11-17 Bug fixes, stability, and performance.
ATVS 7.0.3 iOS 8.1.3 12B466 2015-01-27 Bug fixes, stability, and performance.
ATVS 7.1 iOS 8.2 12D508 2015-03-09 Bug fixes, stability, and performance.
ATVS 7.2 iOS 8.3 12F69 2015-04-08 Bug fixes, stability, and performance. Support for new YouTube API.
ATVS 7.2.1 iOS 8.4 12H523 2016-02-25 Bug fixes, stability, and performance.
ATVS 7.2.2 iOS 8.4.1 12H606 2016-12-12 Bug fixes, stability, and performance. Support for Amazon Video.
ATVS 7.3 iOS 8.4.2 12H847 2019-05-13 Added Apple TV app with support for Apple TV+ services.
ATVS 7.3.1 12H864 2019-07-22 Bug fixes and stability.
ATVS 7.4 iOS 8.4.3 12H876 2019-09-24 Bug fixes and stability.
ATVS 7.5 iOS 8.4.4 12H885 2020-03-24 Support for Apple TV remote control from Control Center.
ATVS 7.6 12H903 2020-09-16 Bug fixes and stability.
ATVS 7.6.2 12H914 2020-12-14 Fixed YouTube bug.
ATVS 7.7 12H923 2021-04-26 Bug fixes and stability.
ATVS 7.8 12H937 2021-09-20 Bug fixes and stability.
ATVS 7.9 12H1006 2022-03-14 Bug and/or stability fix(es). Last release to date for 3rd-gen Apple TV.
* There is no Apple TV Software 8.0.


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