Copypasta refers to the copying and pasting of blocks of text from another source on the internet.

Acceptable use of copied sources

If done properly, this is a useful way to import content from another wiki (such as Wikipedia) to fill in missing content at the Apple Wiki. Make sure that such sources allow free usage of their information through {{GFDL}} or {{CC-BY-SA}} sharing policies. Always include credit to such a source with an external link and/or usage of appropriate templates, such as {{FOLDOC}} or {{Wikipedia}}. Do NOT strip out all the red links or references from such a source. Even if there are formatting problems at first, it is preferable to gradually adapt the article to fit the topics of the Apple Wiki and maintain usefulness, than to be an inferior mirror of another site.

Unacceptable use of copied sources

Copying and pasting content directly from another source without credit or attribution is plagiarism, which is never acceptable. Even if providing credit, information from a copyrighted site without a sharing policy (such as CC-BY-SA) must be rewritten and not copied word-for-word — an exception is a limited {{quote}} with identification of the source.

Copy and pasting large numbers of articles just for achievement points without putting in any effort to adapt it to the Apple Wiki is not acceptable. Users who abuse the achievement system may be identified as achievement cheaters and blocked. Spammers will be blocked immediately.

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