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Here's your very handy, dandy guide to the Mac OS X wiki templates. Now here at the Mac OS X wiki we believe in plain English is nice and not all wikipedia-ry.

Article templates

  • Use {{technical}} when something get's really techy.
  • Use {{stub}} when the page isn't finished yet (but leave it in a good enough state).
  • Use {{libraryfolder|path|to|folder}} to show a Library folder.
  • Use {{oldstuff}} to show that somethings old (like the Macintosh).
  • Use {{wikinameerror|Correct title}} to rename a page (like from ITunes to iTunes).

Page helpers

If you have a page about some software then you'll need this:

|name=Software title

If you have a page about someone you'll need this:

|name=Steve Jobs
|dob=0th January 2008
|job=Bog cleaner

But if you have a page about a computer you'll need this:

|releasedate=July, 1976
|discontinedate=September 1997

Finally if you have a page about a component you'll need this:

{{component|company=Infineon|longname=Trusted Platform Module}}

See Also

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