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Apple logo history 1976-2017

The Apple logo has undergone many changes over the years.


Original design[]

The first logo was created by Apple Computer co-founder Ronald Wayne with the establishment of the company on April 1st, 1976. It features Isaac Newton sitting under a tree with the apple that inspired the law of gravity as well as the company's name.[1]

Rainbow design[]


Why There's A Bite In The Apple Logo

The second logo was designed by Rob Janoff of the Regis McKenna advertising agency and entered into use in 1977, with color stripes representing the groundbreaking color capabilities of early Apple desktop computer models. The bite was added to the shape to avoid confusing it with a cherry.[2][3] According to According to McKenna, inspiration for the rainbow colors was drawn from the work of another local commercial artist, Tom Kamifuji.[4] This version was refined by Landor Associates in 1990.[5]


The colored version remained in use until a monochrome version of the logo was adopted in 1998, with the rainbow version remaining in some use until 1999. A version based on the "Aqua" theme entered into use in 2001 with the launch of Mac OS X. A cleaner metallic version of the logo entered into use in 2007 for the introduction of the iPhone.[6] In 2013, it was simplified back to silhouette form in the release of iOS 7, under the direction of chief creative officer Jonathan Ive.[7] The monochrome logo once again entered corporate use in 2014.[5][6]


(Unicode point: U+F8FF) is the monochromatic glyph character equivalent of the Apple logo that was added to Unicode 1.1 in 1993.[8] A color emoji version has not yet been recommended nor assigned by the Unicode Consortium.

  • To type the Apple emoji on a Mac or Apple keyboard, press option+shift+K
  • On an iOS or iPadOS device without a hardware keyboard, copy and paste the emoji () from here, or use the Keyboards settings to enable text replacement.[9]



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