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The Avid Cinema Kit is an entry-level non-linear video editing system from Avid Technology that was included with some Power Macintosh computer models.[2][3]


Avid Cinema Kit PCI card installation

Installation diagram

Some Performa 6400, Power Macintosh 6400 and 6500 models were bundled with the kit,[4][1][5] which included Avid Cinema software and a PCI card for real-time Motion JPEG encoding and NTSC video output.[3] The card requires a video input card (revision D) from the Apple TV/Video System with a 60-pin DAV connector. Older video input cards (revision A or B) with a 34-pin DVA connector will require an adapter cable (944-3220).[6][7]


Following the release of the iMac G3 and blue & white Power Mac G3, the PCI card was replaced by a USB video capture device.[8]


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