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Bernd Jurgen Hintz (born May 3, 1942) was the executive vice president of Proctor & Gamble. He was also a member of the Apple Board of Directors from 1994 to 1996.[1]

Early life and education[]

Hintz was born in May 1942 to Karl-Heinz Hintz and Elsbeth Horn Parr in Tilsit, East Prussia. He immigrated to the United States in 1954 and earned a B.S. in Physics from North Carolina State University in 1964. He married Elizabeth Anne Fairbairn in 1969.[2]


Hintz joined Proctor & Gamble in 1964 and became executive VP and a member of its board of directors in 1990.[2] He stepped down from P&G to become the CEO of Carnaud-Metalbox from 1991 to 1995.[3]

Apple Computer[]

Hintz was recruited to join the board of directors of Apple Computer by then-CEO Michael Spindler in 1994. When Spindler was forced to step down as CEO in 1996, Hintz offered to fill the role, but fellow board member Gil Amelio took the position. Hintz stepped down shortly thereafter.[1][4]


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