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Badge 0049 Bana Witt

Bana Witt's employee badge, issued on December 13, 1978.

Marlena C. "Bana" Witt (born February 1954) was a personal assistant to Jef Raskin, who initiated the Macintosh project at Apple Computer.

Early life and career[]

Witt was born in Fresno, California. In 1974, she moved to San Francisco,[1] where she first met Jef Raskin as her music teacher at the San Francisco Community Music Center.[2] She later joined him at Bannister and Crun, a two-person technical consulting firm, where Raskin and Brian Howard were contracted to produce a manual for Steve Wozniak's Integer BASIC at Apple Computer.[3][4]

Apple Computer[]

Jef Raskin marries Bruce Tognazzini and Bana Witt

Jef Raskin (center) marries Bruce Tognazzini and Bana Witt in 1980.

Apple was pleased with the results of Raskin and Howard's work and hired them in January 1978. Bannister and Crun was acquired by Apple to become its new publications department, with Witt joining Raskin and Howard as Apple employee #49. In 1979, Raskin submitted a proposal for an information appliance computer that would become the Macintosh.[3][4][5][6]

In 1980, Witt married Apple engineer Bruce Tognazzini. The ceremony was conducted by Raskin.[3]

After Apple[]

In 1983, Witt left Apple to pursue singing and writing rock music; she also became an author and poet.[1][2] Witt later returned for a 15th anniversary reunion of Apple II staff.[6]


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