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Battery life is the amount of energy remaining in any device that has a battery. Most portable devices, such as iPhones, iPads, iPod touches, and MacBooks, display their remaining battery life at the top right corner of the screen. When a battery's charge is nearly depleted, the user will be prompted to attach a power supply or to enable Low Power Mode. In some models, warnings about battery health (the lifetime capacity for continued recharging) may also be displayed.

Battery health[]

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Apple introduced a feature in iOS 11.3 that shows the user the health status of their device's battery. All rechargeable batteries have a limited lifetime of "charge cycles" before they need to be replaced. In an iPhone 6 or later model, this can be accessed at Settings > Battery > Battery Health. There will be a statement at the top stating, "Phone batteries, like all rechargeable batteries, are consumable products that become less effective as they age." Below that, a maximum percentage measurement that show how much power your device can hold will be shown. The maximum capacity of a device that is newer will be more than of a device that is older. After that, there will be a bar telling you your peak performance capacity. This can either be "Your iOS device is currently supporting normal peak performance", or "Your iOS device's battery health is significantly degraded. An Apple Certified Service provider can replace it for you".[1] Until the establishment of the Self Service Repair Store For Apple Products, most batteries in Apple's mobile products were not considered user-serviceable. Users attempting such a replacement should be cautious as batteries can swell, leak, catch fire, or explode if damaged.[2]


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