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The Beats Pill+ was a portable Bluetooth speaker produced by Beats Electronics. It is the first revision of the Beats Pill to be released under ownership by Apple Inc. It is slightly larger and carries a refreshed design with top-mounted volume controls and a Beats logo button.[3]


The Pill's speaker hardware was redesigned to improve sound quality. The Pill+ uses Apple's Lightning connector as a power source for charging the internal battery which has increased capacity for up to 12 hours of use on a single charge. The USB port can be used to charge supported iOS products. The Pill+ has a companion mobile app for iOS and Android devices, used for pairing two speakers (instead of NFC used by its predecessors) in "stereo mode" or "amplification mode". It can also allow multiple users to alternately play music on a single Pill ("DJ mode").[4][5]


The Beats Pill+ was praised for its redesigned driver arrangement, which improved sound quality and bass over preceding models.[6]


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