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Official Apple photo from 2003.

Bertrand Serlet (born 1960) is the former Senior Vice President of Software Engineering at Apple Inc.[1]


Serlet received his doctorate in Computer Science from the Université d'Orsay in Orsay, France.[2]



Apple WWDC 2006-Windows Vista Copies Mac OS X

Serlet was a 4-year veteran of Xerox PARC, which inspired the user interface of classic Mac OS. In 1989, he joined NeXT.[1] He was responsible for developing the Workspace Manager in NeXTSTEP and OpenStep.[3]

Serlet joined Apple Computer in 1997, with the acquisition of NeXT by Apple. He became Vice President of Platform Technology, and managed the largest part of the engineering group behind the development and creation of Mac OS X. In 2003, Serlet was promoted to Senior Vice President of Software Engineering, succeeding Avie Tevanian, who became Chief Technology Officer of Apple. Responsible for the entire OS software engineering team, Serlet reported directly to then-CEO Steve Jobs.[4] He was also known for trolling what was perceived to be the copying of Mac OS X features by Windows Vista.[5]

On March 23, 2011, Apple announced that Serlet was leaving the company with the intention "to focus less on products and more on science". He was succeeded by Craig Federighi.[2]


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