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A blessed System Folder is a properly-working, valid System Folder which will start up a Macintosh.


In System 1 through 6.x, a valid, blessed System Folder will appear with a small monochrome icon of a compact Mac on the folder. In System 7 through Mac OS 7.6.1, this icon was colorized. In Mac OS 8 through 9.2.2, the compact mac was replaced with a blue smiling Mac OS icon.

Minimum requirements[]

A blessed System Folder should contain the following items:

System 1 through 7.0.1 (including Tune-Ups)[]

From System 1.0 through 7.0.1 (with updates to System 7 Tune-Up 1.1.1 installed), the minimum requirements for a blessed System Folder included:

System 7.1 and later[]

Beginning with System 7.1, an Enabler scheme was struck upon for newer Mac models. A valid System Enabler file was required in addition to the Finder and the System file for specific new model releases.

New World Macs[]

Beginning with System 8.1, New World Macs also required the following files:

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