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Bob Mansfield was Senior Vice President of Technologies at Apple Inc.


Mansfield earned a BSEE degree from the University of Texas in 1982.[1]


Early in Mansfield's career, he was a senior director at SGI. At IBM, he was program director of PowerPC development.[2] He later became vice president of engineering at Raycer Graphics, which had been acquired by Apple in November 1999.[3] Following the acquisition, Mansfield stayed at Apple to fill his new role of senior vice president of Mac Hardware Engineering, overseeing teams that delivered products such as the iMac, MacBook, MacBook Air and iPad.[1]

In August 2010, Mansfield took over the position of Devices Hardware Engineering with the departure of Mark Papermaster. Apple first announced Mansfield's retirement on June 28, 2012,[4] only for him to return as Senior VP of Technologies with the departure of Scott Forstall.[5] Although Mansfield is no longer a part of the executive team,[6] he continued to work at Apple "on special projects under CEO Tim Cook," among which include its electric car project.[7]


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