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Brooks Hall SF Macworld 1985-02-21

The first Macworld Conference & Expo was held at Brooks Hall in February 1985.

Brooks Hall in San Francisco, California was the original venue of the Macworld Conference & Expo from 1985 until it was closed to the public in 1993.


The underground convention center was constructed next to the San Francisco Civic Center and opened on April 11, 1958. Mayor George Christopher did not like the nicknames "Mole Hall" and "Gopher Palace" that were used during its construction and had it named Brooks Hall after retiring chief administrator Thomas A. Brooks.[1]

The venue also hosted the 1986 Apple World Conference.[2] After its closure to the public, it has been used by the City of San Francisco as a storage facility, though there are plans that have been submitted for it to be converted for other uses.[3]



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