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Bruce The Wonder Yak

Bruce the Yak, who self-identifies as "Bruce the Wonder Yak", is an easter egg in early versions of Final Cut Pro by Apple Computer.



Final Cut Pro - Calling the Yak

Bruce will appear when an open Final Cut Pro session is left idling for a period of time. The animated yak will enter and eat pixelated grass while presenting thought bubbles of random esoteric messages. The resources for Bruce are stored witin the application package at Contents/Resources/Final Cut Pro.rsrc.[1][2]


According to Max Whirl, one of the early members of the development team, an engineer remarked during a scheduling meeting: "if we can't make that schedule, we might as well give up and go herd yaks."[3]


Bruce is known to have appeared in Final Cut Pro 4 and 5, and apparently has not been ported to Final Cut Pro X.[4] Fans are known to have posted on Apple's website about how to gain access to Bruce.[5][6] There was an attempt to create an iOS app of Bruce's quotes in January 2012, but it was quicky taken down.[7]


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