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CalliGrapher is an early handwriting recognition engine created by Paragraph International and licensed by Apple Computer to be adapted for use in Newton OS.


The implementation of CalliGrapher in Newton OS was codenamed "Rosetta". Writing "ROSETTA! ROSETTA! ROSETTA!" will cause a Newton device to respond with the text: "ROSETTA! ROSETTA! Hey, that's me!"[1] CalliGrapher was also licensed to Microsoft for use in Windows CE as "Transcriber".[2]


Larry Yaeger, who had worked on the print handwriting recognition of Newton OS 2.0, ported the technology as Inkwell for use in Mac OS X 10.2 and 10.3.[1]

A new handwriting recognition feature named Scribble was introduced in watchOS 3 in September 2016,[3] and then iPadOS 14 in September 2020.[4]


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