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Casady & Greene (formerly CasadyWare), founded in 1984 by Robin Casady, was a software publisher of shareware products, primarily for the Macintosh.


CasadyWare published fonts in the early days of desktop publishing. Casady partnered with Michael Greene, founder of Greene Inc., who developed QuickDex.[1] An expansion into games came in 1987, when they published Crystal Quest by Patrick Buckland. This game marked their only foray into the Amiga and Apple IIGS markets.

Other software to follow were the security suite AME, crash recovery utility Crash Barrier, InfoGenie, iData, Let's Keep It Simple Spreadsheet (Let's KISS), Spreadsheet 2000, InstaFiles! and various games: Sky Shadow, Mission Starlight, Glider, Aqua Blooper Piper, Pararena, Mission Thunderbolt, Spaceway 2000, Silicon Casino, Glider PRO, AmoebArena, Step On It!, Zone Warrior I and II, and Crystal Crazy.

Casady & Greene was the initial distributor of SoundJam MP, a program which was the basis for Apple Computer's iTunes. They also distributed Conflict Catcher and Spell Catcher, popular tools for classic Mac OS.[2]

Closure and legacy[]

Unlike other Macintosh software companies such as Pangea Software and Ambrosia Software, Casady & Greene was unable to transition successfully from classic Mac OS to the Unix-based Mac OS X, and the company closed its doors on July 3, 2003.[3] Some of C&G's titles were remade for OS X, and a fraction of these have been remade to run on Intel-based Macs. Only a few of their titles were ever released on Windows.


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