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Badge 0057 Charles Mauro

Charles Mauro's employee badge, issued on March 26, 1979.

Charles S. "Chuck" Mauro Jr. (born May 31, 1958) is a hardware and software engineer who had worked at Apple Computer.


Mauro enrolled at Santa Clara University in 1976 to study applied mathematics. In 1979, he also studied computer science and electrical engineering.[1][2]


Apple Computer[]

Mauro began working for Apple Computer in May 1978 as employee #57. He initially worked on development for the Apple II using a 6502 assembler supplied by Gary Shannon. Mauro described Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak as the best 6502 coder he had ever known.[3][4]

After Apple[]

In 1980, Mauro left Apple to found Advanced Logic Systems (ALS), an Apple II software and peripheral supplier based in Sunnyvale, California.[4][5] The company was incorporated on May 19, 1980.[6] One of ALS's popular products was the CP/M Card, which featured a Z80 processor to enable an Apple II computer to run CP/M software.[7]

Mauro later worked at AMD and Microsoft. He was also a manager of silicon validation at Intel from January 2000 and August 2006. He became a partner at Pico Machines, which joined with the staff of Cipher Systems to form Cipher Engineering, where he presently serves as a principal.[1][2] Mauro is also working on a forthcoming book of his experiences.[3]


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