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Claris Organizer was personal organization software developed by Claris for classic Mac OS. It manages contacts, calendar appointments, to-do lists, and notes in one integrated application.



Claris Organizer was originally created by Trio Development, which was acquired by Apple Computer for its Claris subsidiary.[1]

Release and sale[]

Claris Organizer was first released in 1994 with support for 68k and PowerPC Macs.[2] As Apple re-absorbed most of its Claris subsidiary's product line in 1998, Claris Organizer was sold to 3Com,[3] which then rebranded it as Palm Desktop for its PalmPilot line of PDAs.[4]

Version history[]

  • Version 1 was last updated to 1.0v3.[2]
  • Version 2 was last updated to 2.0v2.[5]


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