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Clement Mok Studio Archetype

Mok at Studio Archetype in the 1990s.

Clement Mok (born 1958) is an art director and designer who worked on the original promotional materials for the Macintosh.


Mok graduated from the ArtCenter College of Design in 1980. His first job was at the advertising and marketing department of CBS. Tom Suiter, Apple Computer's creative director at the time, tried to recruit Mok, who initially declined. However, Mok reconsidered when he saw co-founder Steve Jobs on the cover of Time magazine.[1]

Apple University Wheels for the Mind

"Wheels for the Mind" marketing materials, designed by Mok.

Apple Computer[]

Macintosh MacPaint and MacWrite 1

MacPaint and MacWrite 1.0 packaging, art directed by Mok with designer Lori Barnett.

Mok was hired by Apple Computer in 1982 as the art director for the Macintosh 128K product launch team. His packaging designs included the original packaging of MacPaint and MacWrite.[1] John Casado was hired to create the Macintosh "Picasso" logo.[2] In 1985, he became co-manager of the Creative Services department and was responsible for all Macintosh promotion,[3] along with corporate and educational marketing.[2]

After Apple[]

After leaving Apple Computer in 1988, Mok was responsible for designing logos and packaging for clients such as 3Com, Claris, Farallon, GO Corporation, MacroMind, and The Mirage Resort & Casino.[1] His design studio became Studio Archetype, which was acquired by Sapient in August 1998. Mok then became the Chief Creative Officer of Sapient.[4]


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