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Cliff Huston was an early employee of Apple Computer.


Cliff Huston first encountered Apple in April 1977 at the first West Coast Computer Faire in San Francisco, California. He and his younger brother Dick were interested in computers and had also worked on building their own. They were brought in for an interview on Sunday, October 2 with Steve Jobs, Rod Holt, Wendell Sander, Randy Wigginton, and Steve Wozniak. Cliff joined Apple on November 28, 1977 as employee #27; Dick became employee #25 two weeks earlier.[1]

Cliff collaborated with co-founder Steve Wozniak to design the analog board of the original Disk II floppy drive for the Apple II. While assigned to Apple's disk division, Cliff worked with the Macintosh group to integrate Sony's 3½" floppy drive into the first Macintosh prototype. Cliff and Dick left Apple in 1984 to join "The Engineering Department", co-founded by Wendell Sander with other early employees.[2]


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