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Code-division multiple access (CDMA), also known as "spread spectrum", is a form of multiplexing where the transmitter encodes the signal using a pseudorandom sequence which the receiver also knows and can use to decode the received signal. Each different random sequence corresponds to a different communication channel.


Qualcomm pioneered the introduction of CDMA in wireless 2G telephone services. Motorola used CDMA for their digital mobile phones.[1] Verizon and Sprint Corporation adopted CDMA2000 for their respective 3G networks.[2] The version of the iPhone 4 released through Verizon was the first mobile device from Apple to support CDMA.[3]

Retirement of 3G service[]

Verizon is scheduled to shut down its CDMA-based 3G network on December 31, 2022 to make room for more advanced wireless services.[4][5] T-Mobile shut down Sprint Corporation's old CDMA network on March 31, 2022.[6][7] This affects all older iPhone models that do not support Voice over LTE (iPhone 5C, 5S and earlier). This also affects the CDMA version of the iPad 2.[8]


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