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The ColorSync panel of System Preferences was part of Mac OS X ever since the public beta, and it remained part of Mac OS X until it was removed from System Preferences as of Mac OS X 10.3 "Panther".

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Mac OS X Public Beta[]

In the version supplied with Mac OS X Public Beta, ColorSync had a universal setting for the workflow to be used, as well as three tabs, which controlled Profiles, CMMs, and another tab which provided summarised information.

In the Profiles tab, profiles for standard devices or default profiles for documents could be specified. Input, display, output and proofer profiles could all be specified.

The CMMs tab had a pop-up menu which allowed the user to choose a preferred CMM.

The Info tab allowed the user to view or modify other information (in this case, the name, dates of creation and modification, and workflow comments) related to the current (selected) workflow.

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