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The Color StyleWriter 4100 was one of the last color inkjet printers of the StyleWriter series from Apple Computer. It was announced on June 16, 1997 and released on July 1st, superseding the Color StyleWriter 1500.[1]


The Color StyleWriter 4100 could print at a speed of 4 pages-per-minute with a maximum resolution of 600-dpi in black only, or about 1.5 pages-per-minute at 600x300-dpi in color with ColorSync support.[1][2] It is compatible with HP C6614A/51629A/51649A (black/black/color) DeskJet cartridges.[3]

Included fonts[]

TrueType fonts are included on disk.[1] Support for PostScript Type 1 fonts can be added by using Adobe Type Manager.[4]


The Color StyleWriter 4100 initially had compatibility problems with "beige" Power Macintosh G3 computers and required an updated printer driver to function correctly with these models.[5] An optional StyleWriter EtherTalk Adapter II was supposed to add Ethernet connectivity for faster networking. However, it does not appear to have shipped in August 1997 as expected.[1]


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