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The Color StyleWriter Pro was the first color inkjet printer from the StyleWriter series that was released by Apple Computer in February 1994.


The Color StyleWriter Pro featured a maximum resolution of 360-dpi and could print at a speed of 2 pages-per-minute in black only, or about 2 minutes-per-page in color.[1] It is compatible with Canon BJI-201BK/BJI-201C/BJI-201M/BJI-201Y (black/cyan/magenta/yellow) bubblejet cartridges.[2]

Included fonts[]

64 TrueType fonts are included on disk.[3] Support for PostScript Type 1 fonts can be added by using Adobe Type Manager.[4]


The Color StyleWriter Pro was superseded by the Color StyleWriter 2400 in late September 1994. However, the Pro model remained on the market until December 16, 1995 as Apple said that the 2400 was designed to "supplement rather than replace" it.[1][5] The role of the high-capacity color inkjet printer was later filled by the Color StyleWriter 6500 on June 16. 1997.[6]


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