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DVD Player MacOS 11

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DVD Player is an application developed by Apple and included with macOS to play back video content from DVD-ROM volumes mounted by any supported Mac model.


Formerly known as Apple DVD Player in classic Mac OS, it was released in August 1998 with a customized version of Mac OS 8.1 included with the "Wallstreet II" PowerBook G3, the first Apple portable to offer a factory option for a DVD-ROM drive.[1] It quickly advanced to version 1.3 for the "Lombard" PowerBook G3, which shipped with Mac OS 8.6, and later version 2.7 for Mac OS 9.1. It was superseded by DVD Player in Mac OS X.


DVD Player does not support Blu-ray discs as Apple has discontinued the inclusion of optical drives from Macs and only continues to sell the external Apple USB SuperDrive.[2] An alternative player for other optical media is VLC.[3]


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