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Drive Region

An alert from a DVD-ROM drive that can have its region code changed only 4 more times.

DVD drive region is a setting that limits DVD-ROM optical drives to playing back video DVDs that are coded to a specific geographical region.


  • 0: Playable in all regions, or "region free" (cannot be set by regular consumer software).[1]
  • 1: Canada, the United States, and their respective territories.
  • 2: Europe, Western Asia, Northern Africa, South Africa, and Japan.
  • 3: Southeast Asia.
  • 4: Mexico, Central and South America, and the South Pacific.
  • 5: Africa, North and South Asia.
  • 6: Mainland China.

Modifying the region setting[]

DVD Player for Mac OS X and macOS contains functionality to change this region setting when a video DVD from a different region is accessed by a drive connected to a Mac computer. The drive region can only be changed up to 5 times before it is "locked", after which a factory reset by the manufacturer would be required. This is a feature built directly into the firmware of optical drives supporting DVD playback.[2]


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