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David Pogue is the creator and primary author of the Missing Manuals (begun since 1999; a joint venture with O'Reilly & Associates) and leads Pogue Press. From 1988 until November 2000, he wrote the award-winning Desktop Critic column of Macworld magazine and currently writes the personal-technology column at The New York Times. He is also a CBS News correspondent.

A successful author, his first book was Macs for Dummies (1992). He has also co-written, along with Joseph Schorr, Macworld Mac Secrets. He also wrote a technothriller, Hard Drive.

Pogue is particularly known for his humour, nearly ubiquitous in his books.

His involvement in the Macintosh user group community can be seen in such events such as User Group University. In July 2002, he presented the Keynote address at UGU New York 2002.

David and his wife Jennifer Pogue, MD, live in Connecticut with their three young children.

Selected books[]

  • Macs for Dummies
  • The iMac for Dummies
  • Macworld Mac Secrets
  • Mac OS X: The Missing Manual
  • Classical Music for Dummies

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