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The Macintosh PowerBook Duo Floppy Adapter (informally referred to as a MicroDock) is a lightweight portable docking device that was developed by Apple Computer and released on October 19, 1992, along with the PowerBook Duo 210 and 230.


Though much smaller than the Duo MiniDock, the Floppy Adapter still interfaced with a PowerBook Duo notebook through the custom 152-pin docking connector. Instead of a motor or lever, a small button was used to release the device. The only ports provided were a single Apple Desktop Bus (ADB) port and a HDI-20 port to attach an external floppy drive.[2][3]


The circuit board of the Duo Floppy Adapter was approved for electromagnetic compatibility by the Federal Communications Commission on September 2, 1992.[4]


Newer Technology released its own variants of MicroDocks with Ethernet, HDI-30 SCSI, or 8-bit color video out in place of the HDI-20 floppy port.[5]

Supported models[]

The Duo Floppy Adapter can physically fit with and support every released model of the PowerBook Duo line.


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