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The E-Machines EtherDock (originally marketed as DeskNet)[1] is a portable docking station that was developed by SuperMac Technology and released in Fall 1993 under its E-Machines brand for the PowerBook Duo line from Apple Computer.[2]


Like Apple's own Duo MiniDock, the EtherDock interfaced with a PowerBook Duo notebook through a custom 152-pin docking connector. A lever was used to secure and release the devices. All the ports, drives, and expansion slots of the dock would become accessible by the PowerBook Duo as a NuBus device. It contained 512KB of video RAM that could support up to 8-bit color on a 832 x 624 external display, while the built-in LCD was operating simultaneously. During bootup, any attached external monitor would show the E-Machines logo. The distinctive feature of the EtherDock is that the pass-through RJ11 modem port was replaced with a RJ45 Ethernet port.[3][4]


The EtherDock was based on Apple Computer's Duo MiniDock, which SuperMac Technology manufactured on behalf of Apple.[3]


With repeated use of excessive force, the plastic ejection lever is known to be prone to breakage.[3] The EtherDock also does not support sleep, so the PowerBook Duo must be shut down completely before the dock is disengaged.[5]

Supported models[]

The EtherDock hardware is known to have gone through at least 4 revisions (A, B, C, and D). Though all revisions can physically fit with every released model of the PowerBook Duo line, revisions A, B, and C only support the 68030-based models:

Revision D can support the 68LC040-based models:

A Revision E was to have supported the PowerBook Duo 2300c, which was based around a 100 MHz PowerPC 601 processor. However, it is unknown whether this revision had ever shipped.[3]


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