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The E-Machines PowerLink Presentor is a compact portable docking station that was developed by SuperMac Technology and released in 1993 under its E-Machines brand for the PowerBook Duo line from Apple Computer.


Smaller than Apple's Duo MiniDock, but larger than the Duo Floppy Adapter, the PowerLink Presentor still interfaced with a PowerBook Duo notebook through the custom 152-pin docking connector. Instead of a motor or lever, a small button was used to release the device. The ports provided included a single Apple Desktop Bus (ADB) port, a HDI-20 port to attach an external floppy drive, a 3.5 mm headphone jack for audio out, and a DA-15 and RCA connector for video out. The RCA connector uniquely allowed PowerBook Duos to be easily connected to analog CRTs or projectors that were commonplace at the time.[1][2]

Supported models[]

The PowerLink Presentor is known to support all 68k-based PowerBook Duo models, though its compatibility with the PowerPC 601-based PowerBook Duo 2300c is unknown.[1]


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