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Edward B. Stead

Edward Benjamin Stead (born March 1947) was the Vice President and General Counsel of Apple Computer from 1989 to 1996.

Education and personal life[]

Edward B. Stead was born to Charles Edward and Shirley J. Stead of New York. Edward received a BS from St. Lawrence University in 1969 and a JD from St. John's University in 1973. He was divorced and remarried Henrietta Wright in Lake Tahoe, California on March 16, 1996.[1][2]


In June 1973, Stead joined the legal department of IBM. In December 1985, he joined Cullinet where he became Senior VP and general counsel.[2]

Apple Computer[]

Stead joined the Apple Computer in September 1988, as associate general counsel. He was named Vice President, General Counsel, and Assistant Secretary of the company in June 1989. He also became the Secretary of Apple in September 1993, replacing Al Eisenstat.[3][4] Stead left Apple in September 1996,[2] before the announcement of the acquisition of NeXT, and was replaced by Nancy Heinen in 1997.[5]

After Apple[]

In September 1997, Stead became Executive VP and general counsel of Blockbuster Video, where he served until March 2006. He is semi-retired as an investor in Dallas, Texas.[2]


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