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Energy Saver control panel in Mac OS 9.2.2

The Energy Saver control panel was provided by Apple Computer to allow users to manage their power consumption in PowerBook and PCI-based Power Macintosh models running classic Mac OS.


The Energy Saver control panel requires an Energy Saver Extension to be installed the Extensions folder for it to be able to control power management and automatic sleep/wake features.[1]


This APPC control panel was first included with Mac OS 7.5.2 on the Power Macintosh 9500, which shipped on June 19, 1995. It merged the features of the Auto Power On/Off and CPU Energy Saver control panels.[1] By Mac OS 9, it had also absorbed the battery and power adapter management features of the PowerBook control panel.[2][3]


In Mac OS X, this control panel was superseded by the Energy Saver preference pane of the System Preferences utility.[3][4]


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