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Eurapple was the first international sales division of Apple Computer.



Eurapple marketing tape by Andre Soussan (French) February 1978

In April 1977, former Commodore International executive Andre Sousan approached Apple with a proposal to distribute their forthcoming Apple II computers in Europe. He personally financed and established Eurapple as a separate entity that purchased inventory from Apple, and then adapted the products for European electrical and television standards with its own engineering and manufacturing teams. Eurapple's own sales and marketing group would also localize content and documentation from English to other languages.[1]

Units began shipping to Europe in June 1977.[2] An Apple II that has been modified for European standards is known as a "Eurapple" or "Euromod"; a similarly modified Apple II plus is known as a "Europlus".[3] Modifications to the logic boards are known as "Eurapple" jumpers.[4]

Acquisition by Apple[]

Apple agreed to formally acquire Eurapple from Sousan when both companies reached at a "productive level".[1] Following the acquisition in February 1979, Eurapple staff became official Apple employees, with Sousan becoming the president of international operations.[5][6]


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