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The File Sharing control panel is a central access point to the Macintosh's file sharing features. This control panel allows you to:

  • Set up your Mac for file sharing by setting the network identity (including the owner name, password, and the Mac's name)
  • Turn file sharing and program linking on or off
  • See who is connected to your Mac (and disconnect users) and what items are being shared (and control its privileges)
  • Set up groups and users for users who will have access to your Mac
  • Find out about your Mac's IP Address



In the Start/Stop tab, there are three fields which are for you to fill in, identifying your Mac on the network. Your Mac's IP Address is also shown here. Also present are two switches to turn file sharing and program linking on or off.

Activity Monitor[]

In the Activity Monitor tab, you can see how much sharing activity is hogging up your Mac (more users and more sharing activity tends to slow the Mac down), and see connected users (and disconnect them). Shown also are shared items.

Users & Groups[]

In the Users & Groups tab, you can see all users and groups, and you can create, modify, duplicate and delete users and groups.