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The Freestyle is a tablet computer released in September 1997 as a "Augmentative and Alternative Communication" (AAC) device by Assistive Technology, under a Macintosh clone license with Apple Computer. It included features for users with disabilities.[1]


The Freestyle was based on a 100 MHz PowerPC 603e processor and included a 10.4-inch active matrix color touch screen, SRS surround speakers, two PCMCIA Type II slots, and a built-in 12X speed CD-ROM drive. It included Knowledge Navigator, an authoring tool to create custom applications for the disabled.[1] It officially supported Mac OS 7.5.2 to 8.1, though users found that Mac OS 9 could be installed on it.

Development history[]

The Freestyle evolved from earlier work on the unreleased PenLite prototype that had been shelved by Apple.[2] Frog Design developed the industrial design with engineering by the MOTO Development Group. The Freestyle shares some design elements with the PowerBook 5300 series and is compatible with their memory and power adapters.[3][4]

Video demonstration[]


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