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Icon from Mac OS X 10.6.

Front Row is the media program that lasted from Tiger to Snow Leopard. It was one of the many removed features in Lion. It competed with Microsoft's Windows Media Center. In Tiger, it was accessible by clicking "Menu" on the Apple Remote. In Leopard, you could open it like a normal app. It was launched in October 2005. The 1st-generation Apple TV used a variant of Mac OS X 10.4.7 with Front Row as its core. It first had four options in the first version. Music, Photos, Videos, and DVD. The second version revamped the menu interface and made iTunes Movie functionality Front and Center, opposed to the First Version, being music oriented. At the time of it’s discontinuation, it was once possible to get it back by coping frameworks, until iTunes released an update, breaking compatibility. You can launch it on leopard using command and escape.



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